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Woodworking has been a hobby of mine since grade school. Over the years I have had several jobs making custom furniture. However, since the mid 80's my passion has changed mainly to woodturning.

I work mostly with burls, crotch wood or any highly figured hardwood, domestic or exotic. A burl is a genetic disorder that causes a growth on a tree. The resulting grain pattern is outstanding. A crotch is the intersection of a branch to the trunk or another branch, or where two trunks join. The grain pattern here is unique also. Wood as a media, unlike stone or canvas, gives off a warm feeling and sort of asks to be touched. My work is sanded as fine as 2000 grit and finished with a coat or two of tung oil.

I also make custom snare drums, and offer antique restoration parts and more unique turnings in my Gallery.


A work in progress


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1967 Camaro
Camaro - Airbrush Detail
The name Woodwizard has it's own story. I restored a 1967 Camaro RS, working on it off and on over a nine year period. The car had been a six cylinder with automatic transmission; white with blue interior. It is now a 327 cubic inch four speed with dual quads and a 12 bolt posi.; teal green with black interior. I built it my way.

When it came to the paint I wanted something different. I have a friend who is a very talented artist. His work with an airbrush is incredible. I asked him to do a Wizard. To make a long story short, he did. I turned him a few of my larger pieces and he airbrushed a mural of Merlin on the hood. In the mural there are beakers. In the beakers he painted some of my bowls as if being conjured up. He jokingly said, "A wizard, you're a wizard, a Woodwizard." The rest is history!

Photos of the Le Mans, 67 RS Camaro, A Local Cruise, 58 Caddy

~ Ron the Woodwizard




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