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- Before you order - please make a note of description (Ornamant #3) and price.

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Unique Bowl #1 (miniature)
Spalted White Oak Burl
1-27/64" in diameter x 1" tall
It is so thin it is translucent.
That can be seen in the picture. It weighs about 2 grams


Unique Bowl 1 space-h100.gif (837 bytes)

Ornament #3 (full size)
Maple Burl and Violet Rosewood
2-37/64" overall x 1-3/8" diameter
Turned and carved.

Ornament 3
images/space-v25.gif (821 bytes)

Ornament #1 (full size)
White Oak Burl and Tulipwood
3-1/2" overall height x 2" diameter.
There is 1/4" difference in length for all "droplets" including the one in the center.

Ornament 1

Ornament #4 (full size)
Maple Burl and Nigerian Ebony.
3-1/16" overall height x 1-45/64" diameter
Very thin.


Ornament 4
images/space-v25.gif (821 bytes)

Ornament #2 (full size)
Maple Burl, Tulipwood and Violet Rosewood.
3-45/64" overall x 1-3/4" at widest diameter
Very time consuming and difficult piece.

Ornament 2


images/space-v25.gif (821 bytes)


This is just a small sample of unique items. Email me if you would like to see more photos.

I also make custom snare drums, and offer antique restoration parts and more unique turnings in my Gallery.

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